George Clooney sees psychic

George Clooney Consults Psychics, Why Don’t You?

Celebrities and psychics just seem to go together. In fact, some psychics grow so popular they become celebrities in their own right. John Edward, and the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo are just a couple psychics who have catapulted to stardom after years of advising the stars. Relationship … [Read More...]

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top 10 baking trends

Top 10 Baking Trends of 2014

Even the world of baking has its trends, fads and popular movements. If you like to stay in touch with what’s hot in the kitchen, get to know what’s big and new for 2014. 1. Getting Away from Wheat The trend of gluten-free baking is not showing any signs of slowing down in 2014. Whether […]

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gut bacteria

Latest News in Colorectal Cancer

If you are following the latest news about colorectal cancer, here are some of the current developments and stories. Treatment options are changing all the time so it is always a good idea to know what’s new.   Latest Colorectal Cancer Research Gut Bacteria The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia has recently discovered that your gut […]

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kumquat tree

Home Grown Citrus for Beginners – Try a Potted Kumquat Tree

It’s been a long winter with lots of snow, but my kumquat tree is going strong. That’s because this little citrus treasure is thriving indoors, content in its sunny location and lovely pot, practically mocking the snowdrifts with its perky leaves. With a little bit of practice, growing a citrus tree indoors is a very […]

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sushi vegetable nigiri

6 Sushi Trends for 2014

Sushi is already pretty trendy just on its own. But as more and more people jump on the sushi bandwagon, new ideas and new variations are taking hold. There are a few specific areas where trends are forming, and here is where you can expect this tasty finger food to go in 2014. Dessert Sushi […]